It’s been brought to our attention that one of our new vendors, Freshii, has been met with a less than enthusiastic response from some of our kids. The quality is outstanding, and they have been a great supporter of Oak, but we totally understand that some kids just aren’t as excited for this option and even brought their own lunches that day in lieu of what they ordered. While it’s too late and too taxing to change the menu at this point (there are nearly 400 orders we’d have to tweak), we would like to offer an option to you: if your child does not want to participate in Freshii the next two dates (March 7 and May 9), please let lunchin@oakpto know as soon as possible. By letting us know, our PTO will be able to receive the full value of the meal ($6) instead of the net ($1.50). Further, if your child doesn’t want ANY of the other meals already ordered, let us know and we’ll remove them from future orders; as a reminder, the remaining schedule is below. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer refunds, but hope that you’ll be happy knowing our PTO will benefit.
Thank you,
Tracy Zoberis, Kirsten Douglass, and Nicki Hutter

February 5 (Friday): Dips & Dogs
February 16 (Tuesday): Taste of Home
March 7 (Monday): Freshii
March 24 (Thursday): Baldinelli’s
April 4 (Monday): Dips & Dogs
April 22 (Friday): Taste of Home
May 9 (Monday): Freshii

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