Room Parent Responsibilities

Room Parent Responsibilities


The room parent’s primary objective is to assist the classroom teacher with individual classroom needs and to serve as the communication liaison between the teachers, PTO and classroom parents. It is important to provide current information to parents regarding upcoming classroom activities and volunteer needs.

Communication and Parent Volunteers

  • Work closely with teachers so you are aware of their volunteer needs throughout the year.

  • Ensure weekly lunch-ins are staffed with parent volunteers.  Solicit additional parent volunteers as needed.

  • Create an email distribution list for your classroom including the parents/guardians of all children in your classroom. As a courtesy please enter the distribution list in the BCC line when you send email to avoid the many response emails when people “reply all”.

  • Recruit parents to plan and chaperone in class projects, field trips, Holiday and Halloween parties and end of year class picnic. Ensure all parents are given equal opportunity to volunteer and that new volunteers are prioritized over those who have already participated – for example chaperoning a prior field trip or class party.

  • Clearly explain the activity and time commitment. Send reminder emails as event date gets closer to confirm your volunteers availability.

  • Recruit a parent or parents to take photos of various class events and activities. Share those photos with Yearbook Chair.

  • Attend monthly general PTO board meetings. One representative Room Parent from each grade should attend every board meeting in order to communicate PTO events and information back to their parents as necessary. This also ensures a representative PTO body at meetings and a quorum sufficient for voting on PTO matters.