Board Roles and Descriptions   

PTO Board Nominations for 2023-24 School Year

Oak School needs you to step up and volunteer to serve on the PTO Board. Serving as a volunteer board member helps your child, your school and you:

  • Get connected: there is no better way to know what is happening in our school.

  • Speak up: the PTO is a great way for you to directly effect change at your child’s school.

  • Give back: By volunteering with your PTO, you put your time and talent to use for the students in the Oak community.

  • Witness Improvement: By getting involved with the Oak PTO, you will be part of the solution, helping make positive changes. The PTO plays an important role in fund raising to provide building improvements, curriculum based programs and community building events.

  • Be a role model: As a PTO member you will demonstrate to your child the importance you place on education and community service.

The new board members are installed at the May general board meeting and and serve through the following academic year.

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Oak PTO Officers Job Descriptions:


  • Manage overall objectives and strategies of PTO in accordance with the Bylaws
  • Act as liaison between parents, principal and staff
  • Manage all PTO committee chairs
  • Facilitate monthly executive board and general board meetings
  • Attend monthly D181 PTO Presidents meetings
  • Serve as co-chairs of the Future Planning Committee
  • Work with Treasurer and co-VP’s to set PTO budget

Co-Vice Presidents

  • Recruit next year’s officers and post committee slate at least 30 days prior to Annual Board meeting in May.
  • Secure next year’s committee chairs.
  • Attend Executive Board and General Board meetings
  • Produce Blah Buster festival
  • Assist in drafting of next year’s budget
  • Serve on Future Planning Committee

Vice President of Communications

  • Serve on Future Planning Committee
  • Attend PTO executive board and general meetings
  • Serve as editor of the school wide electronic newsletter the HootieGram


  • Create and manage budget in conjunction with Presidents and VPs
  • Prepare annual tax return
  • Collect payments, pay bills and reimbursements as required
  • Oversee ongoing PTO finances and ensure adherence to approved PTO budget
  • Prepare and present budget report at each PTO meeting
  • Attend PTO executive board and general  board meetings
  • Serve on Future Planning Committee

Assistant Treasurer (2 year commitment)

  • Serve as Treasurer in training and assist current treasurer as needed
  • Take over as Treasurer in the school year following assistant treasurer position
  • Attend all executive and general board meetings
  • Serve on Future Planning Committee

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Covid-19 Safety Procedures

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