Room Parents and Room Volunteers

SignUp for Room Parent/Party Volunteers will open on curriculum night 2023 and the close date TBD.


Our room parent committee procedures aim to:

  • Give teachers greater authority over what happens in their classroom.
  • Allow for more parents to volunteer at parties.

There will be 2 Room Parents per class.

  • You may be a Room Parent for one classroom only.
  • Only sign up for room parent if you are willing to do everything on this ROOM PARENT GUIDELINES LIST
  • Room parents must be PTO members.
  • Room parents can attend class parties to support party volunteers, but it is not required.

4 Party volunteers per party.

  • Sign up to plan and attend one party per teacher. This will allow us to get more parents in to volunteer, and it will also allow you to attend a party for more than one of your children (if you have more than one child, and the slots are not full).
  • Room Party volunteers will be contacted by Room Parents to assign parties.

Sign up to be a Room Parent and/or Room Party volunteer here:


Sign Up Genius for Preschool Room Parent 2022-23


SignUp Genius for Room Parent 2022-23


Questions about volunteering as a Room Parent or Room Party volunteer?


Contact Kerry at

2022-2023 Room parent contact list 

PTO web policy prohibits the inclusion of personal contact information on the website. Please use the Oak School directory to look up email address and phone numbers for the room parents.

Class Room Parent
Preschool AM- Carrie Mansi Edakkunnathu and Meghan Sullivan
Preschool AM - Jaime Monica Mossburg and Michelle Gibbs
Preschool AM - Dana Crystal Plomer and Jennifer Chi
Preschool AM - Veronica Maureen Armes and Kate Kollhoffer
Preschool PM - Veronica  Christina Dimitropoulous and Christina Sanders
Preschool PM - Carrie Shelby Kietzer and Tarik Hage
Preschool PM - Dana Janelle Taylor and Jessica Larson

Preschool PM - Amanda

Jessica Worthley and Rawan Srour Malah

Kindergarten: AM-Mrs. Calhoun

 Maureen Armes & Dani Morelli
Kindergarten: PM-Mrs. Calhoun  Katie Fitzgerald & Becki Hrubes
1st Grade: Mrs. Ross  Joy Holmes & Suzi Groetsema
1st Grade:  Mrs.Tumbarelli  Emily Brown & Marni Wright
1st Grade: Ms.Zigras  Ashley Gott & Ann Lockhart
2nd Grade:Mrs.Giese  Carol Park & Monica Sodikoff
2nd Grade: Mrs. McMichael  Carol Park & Nicole Schroeder
3rd Grade:Mrs. Leahy  Marina Fricilone & Micaela Saviano
3rd Grade: Mrs. Penn  Mark Montgomery & Marina Fricilone
3rd Grade:Mrs. Nichols  Carinne Nicosia & Christina Hollister
4th Grade:  Mrs. Brady  Nicole Schroeder & Christina Fox
4th Grade: Mrs. Ingstrup  Grace Shin & Micaela Saviano
5th Grade: Mrs. Moore  Dawn McGrath & Jennifer Thompson
5th Grade: Mrs. Rigazio  Carinne Nicosia & Nicki Hutter